Automotive Diesel Engine Oil




15W40 Selections: CJ4/SM or DH1/CI4

IDEMITSU Extreme Touring 15W40 is available in 2 standards CJ4/SM and/or DH1/CI4. The lubricant is developed with Japanese and API highest standards of demand suitable for mixed fleets of diesel vehicles with variable standards ranging from EURO II to EURO IV diesel engines.

This lubricant is a high performance, multigrade mineral base engine oil that is built with the most advanced technology from IDEMITSU and is designed to meet the highest standards of demands in today’s generation of diesel engine.

IDEMITSU’s diesel engine lubricant (meeting CJ4/SM standard) is recommended for ISUZU as well as MITSUBISHI FUSO Euro IV engines. It provides protection and reduces wears on the catalytic converters of these vehicles and is an alternative to the OEM’s.

The oil is available in 5L and 20L packing, convenient for small and medium size workshop consumption.