Wiper Blade

Made to the strictest OEM standards. These are the exceptional credentials of DENSO’s Wiper Blades – providing drivers with a safe, comfortable field of vision whatever the weather. Fitted as original equipment to the windscreens of car. DENSO Wiper Blades are the choice of leading car makers worldwide.

From Conventional to the latest Uni designs, DENSO Wiper Blades combine intelligent design, top quality materials and accurate manufacturing – ensuring they wipe better and last longer.

Why choose DENSO wiper blades:

  • Original equipment technology and quality guarantee outstanding wiping performance
  • Durable, non-corrosive materials, including a natural, high compression rubber wiper, deliver long  service life
  • Evenly cut edges ensure an effective wiping edge
  • Low profile inserts provide the perfect wiping angle
  • High coverage of Asian and European vehicle applications offer optimum customer convenience
 design-blade conventional-blade 

Design Blade Series

Truly advanced, OEM specification wiping technology – developed by DENSO – that blends outstanding wiping performance with stylish, integrated design.

Premium available.

Conventional Blade Series

A popular choice for the everyday motorist, DENSO’s Conventional Wiper Blades offer all-round, long-lasting performance with a selection of different blade and installation options.

Premium and Standard available.

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