Electric Horn

Horns are broadly classified as electric type or air type horns. DENSO produces electric type horns that are compact and efficient, and thus are used widely in ordinary passenger cars.

Air type horns are however large bodied and requires compress air, their applications are more recommended to large trucks and are not recommended in urban conditions.

Air horns are not allowed in Singapore.

Available in Singapore:

  1. DENSO electric flat horn
  2. DENSO electric trumpet horn

Assurance in better mileage
Science explains it all. Whether your car is used for leisure or for work routines, saving fuel consumption of one’s vehicle is every driver’s concern.


Engineering of DENSO Electric horns

DENSO electric horns can be divided by timbre into 2 types; the flat horn with a sharp and stimulating sound, and the trumpet shaped horn with a softer sound. DENSO electric horns are not actuated externally, but instead adopt a mechanical self-excited vibration system. They are cost effective and widely used.

DENSO electric horns are constructed of a diaphragm that generates sound, an armature connected to the diaphragm, a coil to generate the driving force and a point that controls the flow of current through the coil.

DENSO electric flat horns also have a vibrator that uses resonance to amplify the sound, while DENSO electric trumpet horns use a trumpet to amplify sound in the same way.