Plasmacluster Ion Generator

DENSO Plasmacluster Ion Generator was developed through close collaboration between DENSO, Japan’s leading vehicle air-conditioning system producer, and SHARP, who developed the Plasmacluster technology. This unique technology of Sharp produces and emits positive and negative ions by plasma discharge, which are similar to those existing in nature, thus reducing the action of airborne viruses and decomposes and removes airborne mould and other substances. This helps protect the air within the cabin of the vehicle, and lets you drive with fresh and comfortable air.


The Plasmacluster Ion Generator is designed to:

Reduce viruses, airborne mould and allergens:
High density of plasmacluster ions in DENSO Plasmacluster
Ion Generator suppress airborne viruses, decomposes and removes airborne mould. Allergens contained in the feces and dead bodies of mites are decomposed and removed, for a more comfortable ride.

Clean and fresh ambience:
With DENSO Plasmacluster Ion Generator, smokers do not need to worry about keeping vehicles cleaner and fresher. The plasmacluster decomposes and removes the persistent odour of cigarettes inside the cabin.