pg-pdt-cool-gear DENSO is the original A/C systems supplier for the world’s top automobile manufacturers. For the aftermarket, DENSO customers need high-quality products at affordable prices, thus COOL GEAR was developed to cater to the after market specifications.


A major advantage to COOL GEAR components is its part number consolidation. Aimed to fit more than one particular type of vehicle, dealers and mechanics are able to service more vehicles with less part numbers and reduce storage cost while improving inventory management.

With COOL GEAR high-quality components and performance, business owners and customers will be more satisfied with faster installations with ease. Available COOL GEAR Products at Satis International Pte Ltd:

  • Compressor w/clutch
  • Condenser
  • Condenser Fan Motor
  • Receiver/Dryer
  • Expansion Valves
  • Evaporator
  • Radiator Caps
  • ND8 Compressor Oil


Insist on genuine COOL GEAR products, recognizable by the packaging. Imitation or fake products may damage your Car A/C System.



COOL GEAR distinctive packaging is not the only way to identify our genuine COOL GEAR products. COOL GEAR packaging also has Part Number Labels attached on them, usually at the side, like the one shown on the left.  


Genuine Factors

On the product front, it is easy to differentiate between genuine COOL GEAR products against imitation/fake for our compressors, expansion valves and receiver dryers. They all have their Part Numbers printed or attached on the product itself to ensure that they are genuine. 

Radiator Caps

pg-pdt-cool-img5 pg-pdt-cool-img6

Car radiator acts as a heat exchanger, transferring excess heat from the engine’s coolant fluid into the air. The radiator comprises of tubes that carry the coolant fluid, a protective cap that is actually a pressure valve and a tank on the side to catch the overflowed coolant fluid.

In addition, the tubes carrying the coolant fluid usually contain a ‘turbulator’, which stimulates the fluid inside by creating consistent turbulence motion. This helps to even out the temperature and makes the cooling system more efficient.

When coolant fluid overheats, it expands causing the fluid to become highly pressurized. COOL GEAR’s radiator cap moderates the pressure through its valve and keeps the pressure within maximum operating peak in the enclosed radiator unit.

The available pressure selections for COOL GEAR radiator caps are 88kPa and 108kPa. When the pressure inside the radiator exceeds the limited range, it will force the valve to open, allowing heat to escape and excess coolant fluid to overflow into the tank on the side of the radiator.


Left. A typical COOL GEAR radiator cap comprises of 5 important components:

A. Pressure Valve Spring
B. Pressure Valve
C. Vacuum Valve
D. Vacuum Valve Spring
E. Lower Sealing Gasket