3M believes that nothing should be allowed to stand between their customers and a brilliant idea that could make life easier, healthier, safer and more productive for people everywhere.

Innovative 3M technologies range from the adhesives and abrasives with which they have been associated for over 100 years, to some life-changing new breakthroughs. Some of these Auto-mechanical products such as the 3M8880 High Power Brake Cleaner and 3M8796 Choke and Carb Cleaner have brought convenience and improved efficiency in the Singapore Car Repair Industry’s daily service and repair routines.

3M’s influence in the Transport division covers from the smallest cars to the largest Airbus, they are involved, from design through to repair. They create some of the most sophisticated tools, handy lubricants etc. to help customers tackle repairs and maintenance. Check out the portfolio from 3M carried exclusively by Satis International which will assist in your vehicle repair and servicing business.

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3M Auto Mechanical Products

3M Fuel System Care